Roughly 20% of Americans have a disability falling under the American Disabilities Act (ADA) that makes it difficult to use your website.

Are you prepared to pay a fine of $55,000-$110,000 for not having an ADA-compliant website?

Pay fine

Over 80% of dental websites in your market are not ADA-compliant.

ADA-compliance is the most important design feature for a dental practice's website.

Avoid Lawsuits, Fines

Avoid lawsuits and hefty fines

Connect patients

Connect with more patients

Qualify tax credits

Qualify for major tax credits

Ada Design Feature

Having an ADA-compliant website means you qualify for major tax incentives. The federal government offers tax credits up to 50% off the cost to build the website just for making it easily accessible by all.

Simple steps you can take to become ADA compliant:

Barriers difficult

Remove barriers that make it difficult for individuals with disabilities to access your website. Large text and easy-to-read short paragraphs are a great start.

Audio, Text equivalents

Add audio readers or text equivalents to paragraphs and images to help visually-impaired patients.

Interpreters, Descriptions

Provide interpreters and audio descriptions of images to aid hearing-impaired patients.

User-friendly website

Updating materials already on your website to be more user-friendly. For example, adding subtitles to a company video.

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